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Get ready to explore some amazing products! CrossBreeds is our only product out right now but we have many more on the way. Including some new board games and stories you won't be able to quit.


Cross Breeds

here is a little trailer for the upcoming board game coming this summer 2024

Cross Breeds is in Production!

Cross Breeds is in production and on the way to your door soon. Pre order your copy now before stock runs out! Orders will be delivered around August.

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More Projects

This will be an expansion pack to the original Cross Breeds - $25

Cross Breeds - Deadly Games

Board game - Expansion

Spinoff from Cross Breeds with unique features such as moving secretly from other players

Revenge Bambi

Board Game

This will be an expansion pack to the original Cross Breeds - $35

Cross Breeds - Ocean Frenzy

Board Game - Expansion

Spinoff from Cross Breeds that will put you in the point of view of a non experienced hunter.

Reverse Cross Breeds

Board Game - Expansion

A story about a man whose entire life has changed drastically, but not in ways you might think. His new life can change your entire way of thinking.

Project Darkness

Downloadable Story

An apocalyptic event has forced people into a small section of the US and are being controlled by the ones who built this safe space.

Project Zones

Downloadable Story

About us

We make board games with an aim of creating chaos while eliciting a ton of fun. These can be deeply strategic as well as simple enough for anyone to jump in and play. We want everyone to enjoy the games from serious gamers to once in awhile game players. 

An Immersive Gaming Experience

The products listed here aim to be unique and creative themes and components that you may not be typically used to. Both the games and stories create an engaging experience that hooks you in and excites you when thinking about getting back to it another day.

Help us grow

The more you support our business the more awesome stuff we can keep creating. Whether you buy one of our products, share some of our links, or talk about our products when out with friends, you greatly help out our business bring incredible games and stories to your fingertips.

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