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I am a creator, designer, athlete, fisherman, lifter, gamer, and so much more. Especially an outdoor enthusiast, which inspired CrossBreeds. I have more ideas that I would like to get out there instead of sitting on the shelf. What you are seeing today are the initial steps to make that happen. Follow along and enjoy what comes next in the near future.

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What We Do

We make board games with an aim of creating chaos while eliciting a ton of fun. These can be deeply strategic as well as simple enough for anyone to jump in and play. We want everyone to enjoy the games from serious gamers to once in awhile game players. 

We are creating stories/books for people with an open mind and love the possibilities of "what if this was real". If you love to read a chapter at a time than these stories are perfect for you. if you are a binge reader you may want to wait until enough chapters come out to satisfy your reading style.

Here you can find designs for t-shirts, drinkware, or whatever else you'd like to slap one of these cool PNG's on. Check out the list below and feel free to submit a request and i can create something custom for you.

Our Vision

To create and ongoing state of games and community that people enjoy for years to come. Ideally I would continue to create and expand the franchise for never-ending fun. The more profitable this becomes I would love to create a charity that donates a portion of the proceeds to giving children in poor communities across the globe better quality games & toys.

I aim to make a fun experience, that creates an opportunity for all people to enjoy. The aim here is to have a product that can be simple to pick up and play, yet deep and diverse for the more strategic game players. Share, like, comment and talk about this as much as you can! Start by signing up at the bottom.

The Goal

is to create content that captures your interest, and gives you something different than what you have been used to. I aim to create more games, and books for your enjoyment. Along with designs that you can use for your own personal or business use. The more you support, the more content i can release. 

I currently have 1 game completed and in mass production with 2 more in concept phase. Also i have several stories thought out and the worlds have been created, i just need to start writing more. I aim to release them as chapters every 2 months.

Join Us

If you have illustration skills, writing skills, passion for board games, or any other talent that would be beneficial to what we do here. Reach out and let us know. We are always looking for talent.

Special Thanks to:

All the friends & family that helped me playtest and get to this point. I wouldn't be here without you. A big thanks to my biggest supporter and favorite play tester, my wife, Kyndra!

Board Game Rec of the Month

Pandemic - A great co-op game that makes you think 14 steps ahead. Simple to pick up but deep enough especially with expansions.

Board Game Rec of the Month



We create custom designs for anything you need. Need a cool t-shirt or amazing thank you card, we got you!




Stories that are mind bending and thought provoking. Released on a chapter by chapter basis until all chapter are out then we will be selling the full book! Pick your Cadence.



Tabletop Games

Games created for people who love a blend of simple and strategy. Throw in some chaos and betrayal and you are in for a wild night.


Tabletop Games

What We Offer
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