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Our Projects

Here you will find all of the projects we are currently working on. Some of them are available and some are what's upcoming.

Cross Breeds

CrossBreeds is strategic yet simple game to pick up with 2-8 players. Challenge your spouse, roommate, family member to a 1v1 match. Be may need some space after a couple rounds. Or bring in up 7 more people for a large game of deceit, speed, betrayal, and most importantly FUN!

Revenge Bambi

You will become the deer built off revenge and track down other hunters, attacking their kids to show them how it feels to lose someone you loved. Sneak around the board and be careful not to get caught. The hunters will have special tools to try and find you before you find them!

Reverse Cross Breeds

You are just normal everyday people that crash landed on the island famous for danger Cross Breeds.  You are now being hunted by these creatures and will have to learn how to survive and escape the island. 

Cross Breeds - Deadly Games Expansion

Add on to the original Cross Breeds game (MUST HAVE). Add more treacherous events to the game such as mine fields, bombs, flashbangs, and more. Along with 2 new hunters, new forest cards such as steroids which boost your forest cards and shelter which protects you from aforementioned events.

Cross Breeds - Ocean Frenzy Expansion

Add on to the original Cross Breeds game (MUST HAVE). Layer on a new feature that changes the way you play. Now there's an ocean surrounding you with all kinds of new Crossbreeds and events that can take place. Also, 2 new hunters and 4 new tokens that are ocean specific. Strategically decide when you want to draw from the ocean since you must draw from the ocean twice. 

Project Darkness

Gabriel works for the coast guard. He gets called out on a mission that changes his life in the most unimaginable way. What Gabriel discovers as his new life makes it hard for those around him to operate normally. Once you find out what is going on in his life it will change the way you view the things around you as well.  

Project Zones

An apacolyptic event takes place on earth. People scramble for safety in the only section of the United States that's safe. Unfortunately its resources and power are controlled by a group of people that don't seem to have the best intentions. Set some time into the future, a spaceship crash lands on earth with humans aboard. After some time, they find out what is really going on in this section of planet, and its devastating news for the people of earth. 

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